The Go-Go’s Kathy Valentine Details Abortion, Aged 12, In New Memoir

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March 26, 2020 | 8:25am EST

The Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine recalls travelling to California to undergo an abortion, after losing her virginity and falling pregnant at the age of 12, in her new memoir.
The group rose to fame with hits including Our Lips are Sealed and We Got the Beat but, in her memoir All I Ever Wanted, Valentine, who for many years was a functioning alcoholic and drug addict, reveals the tragic series of events that led to the rough patch in her life.
As a child, she reveals that, in 1971, she lost her virginity to a high school student when she was just in seventh grade, and soon after she discovered she was pregnant.
With abortion illegal in Texas, Valentine and her mother drove to California to terminate the pregnancy at a clinic that had been recommended to them and, as she was being put under for the procedure, Valentine recalls an attending nurse murmur to her colleague, “So young.”
The star goes on to recount hitchhiking in 1972 with a pal, where she ultimately ended up at an apartment with two college-aged boys – one of whom kept on making advances towards her.
“It occurred to me that if I just let him, he would stop,” she writes. “He would leave me alone.” As he raped her, Valentine began to sob which made him pause, as he commanded: “Stop crying… Cut it out.”
The star’s luck changed, however, when her mother’s young drug-dealing boyfriend, who had escaped from jail, began giving her guitar lessons, and she joined the group, along with stars including Belinda Carlisle and Charlotte Caffey.
When they split in 1985, Valentine admits she realised that she had a drinking problem, explaining: “It all caught up at once: the sorrow, regret, shame, fear, abandonment and betrayals.
“My rock bottom came with realizing my inability to change my life or my circumstances.”
The Go-Go’s have reunited several times over the years, recording new material and touring, and Valentine is now happily sober and living in Texas with her daughter.
All I Ever Wanted is out now.