The Wanted Star Left Bloodied After Bar Brawl

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March 10, 2014 | 8:25am EST

The Wanted star Jay Mcguiness was left bloodied and bruised after he became embroiled in a brawl at a nightclub in Britain over the weekend.
The singer allegedly became caught up in a dispute at a venue in Essex, England in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Photographs show McGuiness on the floor with a bouncer grabbing his arms, while others show him with blood pouring from his mouth.
A source tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “Everyone was standing around the front door and there was a kerfuffle in the foyer. Jay then got dragged out by the bouncers. He was shouting and screaming and they were trying to pull him back. He was putting up a struggle. They ushered him into a corner to get him to calm down but he wouldn’t.”
McGuiness was at the nightclub with his bandmate Tom Parker, who was pictured with blood on his shirt.
A spokesman for McGuiness says, “There was an altercation in the club that Jay found himself in the middle of. He ended up with some minor cuts and bruises.”