T.I. And Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Open Up About Weekend Brawl

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May 26, 2014 | 3:11pm EST

Rapper T.I. has laughed off rumors suggesting he was left with two black eyes following a brawl with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in Las Vegas over the weekend.
The Whatever You Like hitmaker reportedly approached Mayweather outside a burger restaurant early on Sunday and exchanged words, before throwing a punch at the sportsman.
Bodyguards for the two men intervened as the altercation escalated, and police later arrived on the scene to investigate the disturbance, although both stars had already left the location by the time cops turned up.
T.I. has since taken to his Instagram.com blog to dismiss reports he was beaten up by the undefeated boxer, showing off his uninjured face in a short video, in which he says, “What they say I got two black eye (sic)?”
He fails to shed light on what sparked the bust-up, but admits to hurting his right hand in the scuffle as he holds up his bandaged arm and laughs as he says, “F**ked my hand though, that’s about it.”
Meanwhile, Mayweather, Jr. has spoken out to share his side of the story, claiming the root of the problem stems from his friendship with T.I.’s singer wife, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle.
The boxer reveals he was eating at the Fatburger restaurant when T.I. walked up and confronted him, and although “a riot kinda (sic) broke out”, he insists that was the extent of the brawl.
Mayweather, Jr. tells NecoleBitchie.com, “He probably does some foolish things, but he ain’t no damn fool to swing on me (sic). Like, you must’ve forgot what I do for a living.”
He also took the opportunity to apologize to Cottle for telling T.I. during the bust-up to “control your b**ch”, a reference to the former Xscape bandmember.
He adds, “I don’t want to say that about Tiny. So I do apologize to Tiny because she cool people (sic). She never been disrespectful to me (sic).”
Cottle has yet to comment on the incident.