T.I. Lashes Out At Fox News Reporter For Mocking Nipsey Hussle

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April 15, 2019 | 3:10pm EST

Rapper/actor T.I. is taking an Instagram break after he was left seething by a Fox News presenter who mocked slain star Nipsey Hussle shortly after his memorial service.
The Live Your Life hitmaker has taken to social media to share a clip from Friday’s episode of The Ingraham Angle, on which conservative newswoman Laura Ingraham and her guest, journalist Raymond Arroyo, made reference to Hussle’s huge Celebration of Life service in Los Angeles on Thursday, and then poked fun at a song he featured on.
“Thousands lined the streets to say goodbye to rapper Nipsey Hussle,” she began, before adding, “Now this dear artist recently released a song called FDT – F Donald Trump.”
A brief clip of YG’s 2016 single then aired, in which the hip-hop star repeatedly chants, “F**k Donald Trump”.
Hussle was only a guest artist on the tune, and wasn’t featured in the part of the promo shown on the Fox News show, but that didn’t stop Ingraham from sarcastically remarking, “Now that’s a very creative refrain,” before chuckling about it with Arroyo.
“So… the chorus it goes on and on,” added Ingraham. “Is that related to the lowest unemployment ever basically for African-Americans?”
The piece went viral and was deemed disrespectful by many of Hussle’s fans and peers, with The Game and Busta Rhymes among those hitting out at the Republican host, calling for her to be fired.
T.I. weighed in on the controversy on Sunday, three days after attending Hussle’s memorial, as he shared an article and clip about the show, and warned Ingraham and Arroyo not to mess with “karma”.
“This is Disgusting! You both are vile despicable, poor excuses for people,” he fumed in the lengthy caption.
“My expectations have already decreased so much for mankind in the past couple weeks that this hardly surprised me… especially from @foxnews But rest assured that sooner than later you’ll BOTH see… WE ALL GET OUR TURN TO LIVE THROUGH OUR OWN PERSONAL TRAGEDY… and watch how many people dance in the streets,laugh and crack distasteful inappropriate jokes when it’s YOUR TURN!!!!
“Karma is constant & the laws of reciprocity ARE IN ORDER!!!! Neither of you WILL EVER know or experience the level of love, appreciation and respect that Nip has… EVEN IN DEATH!!! So let that sizzle in ya lil (sic) hateful,demonic spirits.”
The rude remarks were enough to turn T.I. off social media for a while: “And with that… I’m logging off IG (Instagram) at least a month or so (sic)…,” he concluded.
T.I.’s angry post also drew the support of actress Nia Long, who commented, “Both need to be fired. PERIOD!!,” as well as hip-hop veteran Doug E. Fresh, who added, “Unbelievable, but really not! They will continue to do what we allow! Totally disrespectful!”
Hussle, who claimed to be a reformed former gang member and was known for his community activism, was shot and killed outside his Los Angeles clothing store on 31 March, aged 33.