Timberlake Battles Insecurity

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August 2, 2010 | 11:30am EST

Justin Timberlake is plagued by insecurities over his career, insisting he still doesn’t feel comfortable with either singing or acting.

The pop star has been in the spotlight since he was a child, starring in The Mickey Mouse Club at the age of 12 before shooting to fame in boyband ‘NSYNC. He later carved out a successful solo career before turning to acting.

But Timberlake admits he still finds it “terrifying” when his music or movies are unveiled to the public.

He tells Scotland’s Daily Record, “I think I’m equally insecure about both of them. I’ve been doing this for two thirds of my life and I still consider myself pretty young but I think that’s the part you battle with all the time.

“When you’re creating your art, that’s the best part. Your senses are on a creative high and then the part where everyone gets to see it and comment on it, that’s the part I think you battle with until you die. It’s absolutely terrifying.”