T.I.’s Ankle Bracelet A Liability On Takers Film Set

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August 26, 2010 | 5:15pm EST

Rapper T.I. struggled to balance his post-prison responsibilities with his film commitments on the set of new movie Takers – because his home arrest ankle bracelet kept going off and ruining takes.

The Live Your Life hitmaker shot the film, in which he plays a recently incarcerated thief, following his release from prison on illegal weapons possession charges in December.

His criminal sentence included a curfew, which required T.I. to be at home by 1am, and he wasn’t allowed to hold any guns on set.

But it was his location-monitoring ankle bracelet that presented the biggest challenge – during one night shoot, it was set off, forcing a reshoot, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He insists, “(It was) just another day at the office.”

But the American Gangster star insists he’s no longer the liability on a film set he once was when he’d show up late and act like the movie’s star.

He tells the newspaper, “If I’m going to a concert and they say I gotta be there at 10, and I don’t show up until 12, everything all good because the show can’t go without me. Whereas, on a film, if you five minutes late, you late.

“I had just got from music. I had just got a seven, eight million-dollar cheque, so I was pulling up in Rolls Royces, smoke coming out like Snoop Dogg. I didn’t treat the circumstances as delicate as they were.”

T.I. is currently in talks with movie moguls Brett Ratner and Brian Grazer about upcoming film roles.