Toby Keith Praises Brave Son-in-law For Rescuing Tornado Survivors

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May 22, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Country star Toby Keith has heaped praise on his son-in-law for risking his own safety to aid in the tornado recovery efforts in his hometown of Moore, Oklahoma.
A massive twister ripped through the town on Monday, leaving behind a wide path of destruction and a death toll of at least 24 people, many of them children, as two elementary schools were levelled in its wake.
Keith, who grew up in the area, just missed the terrible storm as he flew out to Nashville, Tennessee to record new music only hours before tragedy struck, but he returned on Tuesday to assess the damage and comfort family and friends.
The singer gave journalist Matt Lauer of U.S. breakfast show Today a tour of the devastation on Wednesday, even showing viewers his sister Tonni’s badly damaged home, which was covered in debris, before hailing his daughter’s husband a hero for helping search and rescue teams look for survivors.
He said, “My son-in-law heard about it, knew about the school, drove over there, flipped his truck getting in, got out, beat the rescue first responders in, got electrocuted, run (sic) a nail all the way through his foot, and got in the tunnel, had a tunnel collapse on him and got inside and helped pull a couple bodies out.”
The star is now urging members of the public to dig deep and donate to the cause, as thousands of people are left without homes.
And he’s confident the town will recover after the tragedy: “As bad as this looks right now, these people are so resilient… They’ll bounce back, homes will start going up quick and they’ll prepare for the next one (storm).”