Tom Cruise Scales Down Jack Reacher’s Pennsylvania Premiere

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December 18, 2012 | 11:21am EST

Film bosses behind Tom Cruise’s new movie Jack Reacher have scaled down the postponed premiere by scrapping the red carpet and turning the screening into a low-key fan event.
The Hollywood superstar was due to unveil his new action movie on Saturday night in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the majority of the blockbuster was shot.
However, the event was called off in the aftermath of the horrific school shooting in Connecticut on Friday which left 28 people dead, including 20 young children.
The Pittsburgh premiere of Jack Reacher has now been rescheduled for Wednesday, but the glitzy event at the city’s SouthSide Works Cinema has been scaled back to reflect the time of mourning.
Cruise will no longer walk a red carpet, but will instead introduce the film at the fan screening.
A statement from Paramount Pictures reads, “On Wednesday, Tom Cruise will be traveling to Pittsburgh to screen the film for fans in the city that so graciously hosted the production of the film. There will be no red carpet during this time of mourning. The filmmakers and Tom Cruise convey their heartfelt sadness and their deep condolences to the families during this time.”
The film’s director Christopher McQuarrie has also revealed Cruise was behind the decision to axe the premiere after the school shooting, telling, “Tom and I insisted upon it. Nobody should be celebrating anything 24 hours after a tragic event like that. We thought long and hard about it. This was not a snap judgment, because we wanted to give back to the city of Pittsburgh, because they were so great to us.”
The movie opens with a violent shooting scene, and when asked whether he thinks the real life tragedy will have an impact on Jack Reacher’s box office performance, McQuarrie adds, “It may have an impact, and it may not. I can’t concern myself with that, not when other people have so many bigger problems than whatever worries I have about opening a movie I’ve been working on for two years.
“It just seems trivial compared to the devastation that people are feeling. Whatever happens, I can’t worry about how it affects me personally, because I get to go home to my children, so it just pales in comparison to what others are going through right now.”