Tom Cruise Suffered Foot Injury On Jack Reacher Set

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December 19, 2012 | 11:26am EST

Tom Cruise suffered a nasty foot injury on the set of his new movie Jack Reacher.
The Hollywood superstar has revealed one scene required his character to kick another man in the groin, and Cruise was forced to repeat the action so many times, he ended up with a swollen foot.
He tells TV host Jimmy Fallon, “There’s a scene where I’m kicking a guy in the b**ls, the testicles… It was a human being, (but) no testicles were injured in the making of the film! We had to do the take over and over again, and the first 10 times it was like ‘Yeah!’
“After about 50 times in, my foot was swelling… I kept having to loosen my shoe.”