Tom Petty’s Brush With Second Inferno

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July 30, 2014 | 11:25am EST

Rocker Tom Petty almost lost everything he owns in a house fire for the second time in 20 years.
The Free Fallin’ hitmaker famously lost all his worldly possessions and only just escaped alive when an arsonist torched his home in Encino, California in 1987.
Now he has revealed lightning almost struck twice when his current home in Malibu, California was caught up in the devastating wildfires that hit the region in October, 2007.
Petty tells Uncut magazine the blaze reached the garden patio of his property, saying, “That’s how close the fires came. The smoke was so thick, if you went outside you couldn’t breathe.”
However, the rocker admits he learned a valuable lesson about the value of life over property following the first fire, adding, “This would’ve been the second time where everything I owned was gone, and it never really made a difference as long as everyone was OK.”