Top Snapper David LaChappelle Sued For $75 Million

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March 29, 2013 | 4:56am EST

Renowned photographer David Lachapelle has been slapped with a $75 million lawsuit from his former agent, who accuses the snapper of failing to pay him a fortune in expenses.
Fred Torres is suing LaChapelle, who has photographed stars including Madonna and Tupac Shakur, over claims he is owed $25 million in expenses from years of processing the snapper’s prints and selling them while acting as his business agent.
Torres, who allegedly dated LaChapelle in the 1990s, also accuses him of trying to steal his client list, worth an estimated $40 million, from his firm, Fine Art Account Inc., according to documents filed in a New York court on Thursday.
The suit comes three months after LaChapelle sued Torres, alleging he is owed $2.8 million from pictures the agent is alleged to have sold.