Tori Spelling’s Husband Postpones Vasectomy Plans After Spending Cutbacks

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October 24, 2013 | 2:10pm EST

TV star Tori Spelling and her husband Dean Mcdermott have put off plans for the actor to undergo a vasectomy after realising they lacked the funds to pay for the pricey procedure.
The former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress reveals she and her family have downsized and cut back on their expenses following the cancellation of their latest reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, last year, although she insists they are hardly broke.
She explains, “We’re in the entertainment business, and things change year to year. We don’t have a series on the air right now, so we have to be more restrictive of what we can spend, just like anyone who doesn’t currently have a steady job.”
Spelling claims living a less extravagant lifestyle has helped her teach their four young children all about the importance of “repurposing”, telling People magazine, “It’s a really good value to have.”
The financial cutbacks have prompted McDermott to temporarily postpone a vasectomy, which can cost anywhere from $350 to $4,000 , to prevent the couple from any unplanned pregnancies in the future.
Spelling, who grew up in a sprawling Los Angeles mega-mansion with her TV mogul dad Aaron Spelling and her mom Candy, admits the lack of a regular pay cheque has forced her to stop buying designer goods, but it’s a luxury she is happy to live without: “I haven’t bought a purse in three years, and that’s fine. I look back at that girl who shopped at Gucci in my 20s and I can’t even relate. I can’t believe I thought it was important.”
However, Spelling’s future is already looking up – she recently signed on to star in Mystery Girls, a new crime-fighting comedy with her Beverly Hills, 90210 pal Jennie Garth.
She adds, “I work really hard and there are certain things I want to give my kids. Like a big kick-a** farm! We’ve had lows, but I set goals and I keep going. I always bank on myself.”