Townshend: ‘I Wish I Hadn’t Formed The Who’

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March 24, 2011 | 7:00pm EST

Rocker Pete Townshend regrets forming The Who – because he would have been happier going solo.
Together with the late Keith Moon and John Entwistle and singer Roger Daltrey, the guitarist created one of the rock world’s most iconic acts – but he admits if he could live his life all over again, he’d be a solo artist.

Townshend tells Uncut magazine’s special issue The Who: The Ultimate Music Guide, “What would I have done differently? I would never have joined a band. Even though I am quite a good gang member and a good trooper on the road, I am bad at creative collaboration.”

In the revealing interview, the rocker attributes his hearing loss problems and other health issues to being in The Who.