Trick Pony Reunite After Eight Years Apart

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February 13, 2014 | 3:56am EST

Country music trio Trick Pony is reuniting after eight years apart.
The On a Night Like This hitmakers disbanded in 2006 to pursue solo careers, but now Heidi Newfield, Ira Dean and Keith Burns are joining forces once again to record a new album and embark on a tour.
Newfield tells Country Weekly that the time apart has made them stronger as a band, explaining, “You can’t go forward unless you’ve visited your past a little bit and go, ‘Let’s not do a repeat performance of that.’ We’ve done that, and we’re all in a really healthy mind space.”
Burns adds, “After our first album as Trick Pony, I don’t feel like the music ever lived up to what we did live. Our new music that we are working on does that very thing. We have no doubt in our minds that we’re going to get up there onstage and blow those people away.”
The band is currently working on tracks for a new album and they plan on hitting the road later this year.