TV Bosses Clarify Beauvais’ Foxx Comments

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March 15, 2012 | 12:16pm EST

TV bosses have clarified comments actress Garcelle Beauvais made about Jamie Foxx’s sexual prowess on a chat show, stating she was actually confessing the Oscar winner is easily aroused.
An initial run through the taping of this weekend’s Hollywood Girls Night left some news outlets convinced the actress was suggesting her The Jamie Foxx Show co-star couldn’t “get up” during intimate scenes.

She said, “He couldn’t get up. Well he got up, but he couldn’t get up.”

Giggling with show hosts Alison Sweeney and Ali Landry, the actress didn’t expand on her candid remarks.

But now a spokesperson for TV Guide Network – the company behind the show – has cleared up the confusion, stating, “Jamie Foxx couldn’t stand up because he was so aroused.”

Beauvais also admits she has no problems when her leading men get turned on during intimate scenes.

She explains, “You’re human, so you’re gonna get aroused.”