TV Mogul Aaron Spelling Was Battling Alzheimer’s Before His Death

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May 12, 2014 | 9:41pm EST

Late TV titan Aaron Spelling battled Alzheimer’s disease in secret in the months leading up to his death in 2006, according to his widow.
Candy Spelling, who was married to the man behind shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, Hotel and T.J. Hooker for 38 years, has made the revelation in her new book, At Last, A Memoir, and explains that her late husband and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan shared the same doctor as they battled the memory-robbing condition.
Candy admits she kept her husband’s health issues to herself after her died so as not to ruin his legacy, but now she feels it’s time to tell the truth.
She tells WENN, “At the time he was a pretty large entity in Hollywood and I certainly didn’t want people to know that he had been ill. I was really the protector of his image. He was always protective of me and all of a sudden there was a reversal in roles.
“He had suffered from throat cancer before we realized that he had Alzheimer’s. He slowed down a bit after weeks of radiation and I thought he just hadn’t gotten back to himself, and then I started finishing his sentences for him. I didn’t realize he was getting as sick as he was.
“Thanks to Nancy Reagan I got to the right doctor – Ronnie had the same disease. It’s very hard to go through that with a loved one. They’re not the same as they were and it’s very hard moving onto the next step whatever it may be.”