Tyler, The Creator Baffled By Advert Criticism

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May 3, 2013 | 7:34am EST

Rapper Tyler, The Creator has been left stunned by drinks company bosses’ decision to axe his advert for Mountain Dew.
In the controversial promo, a battered white woman attempts to identify a suspect in a police line-up of black men and a talking goat, called Felicia, who makes threatening remarksto the victim, such as, “Ya better not snitch on a player”.
The online advert, which was directed by the Odd Future star, was pulled by bosses at PepsiCo amid fears its portrayal of racial stereotypes and violence towards women could be deemed offensive.
However, the rapper, real name Tyler Okonma, is stunned by the decision, telling Billboard.com, “I guess people are claiming that it’s racist, which… you know, that wasn’t even portrayed in that commercial, there’s no type of hate being portrayed in that work of art at all – which I’m confused by…
“I mean, (the criticism is) not gonna change my art in any way. I just hope that somehow, if it gets bigger or if it disappears tomorrow, that it just opens people’s minds up.
“I just actually can’t believe that somebody sat there and pointed out that it was all black people, instead of being confused that it was a freaking goat talking. That’s mind-blowing. That’s mind-blowing that people still think like that.”