Tyler, The Creator Gig Shut Down By Riot Police

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October 11, 2013 | 11:23am EST

Rapper Tyler, The Creator’s Los Angeles gig was shut down by riot police on Wednesday before he even stepped on stage.
The Odd Future star was due to appear at Low End Theory alongside producer Flying Lotus, and his appearance was revealed to fans ahead of the show, leading to hundreds turning up at the 140-person capacity venue.
According to Low End Theory’s boss Daddy Kev, fans began queuing for the show as early as 11am with a sizeable line forming by 2pm, and local officers swooped to disperse the crowd and shut down the show.
Kev tells Fact magazine, “Our security closed up shop so we could get the situation sorted… A squad car rolled by and gave us a little ‘bloop bloop’, and then there are two cars, and then 10, plus a helicopter and the rest. They were doing their jobs.”
The rapper later tweeted his annoyance at having axe the show, writing, “Im (sic) so bummed that happened and not stoked… I wanted to play so bad people been there allll (sic) day… The cops shut that down like wow…”