UB40 Star Astro Quits Band After 30 Years

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November 22, 2013 | 6:54pm EST

Ub40 co-founder Astro has quit the group ahead of a major tour, revealing he’s no longer having fun.
The vocalist and trumpet player, who has been with the band for over three decades, broke the news to his bandmates and fans on Friday, calling the band a “rudderless ship” following the departure of former frontman Ali Campbell in 2008.
Astro, real name Terence Oswald, has admitted his heart wasn’t in the recordings for the group’s new album and the idea of touring with his bandmates is making him feel “miserable”.
In a statement, he writes, “I cannot bear to see what we are offering to our loyal fans who have stood by us through thick and thin. I think it’s clear that I’ve had enough of being depressed, as I’m sure other members are, but the difference is I’m not prepared to continue to be miserable at home and work.”
UB40 plan to honor their touring commitments and have responded to Astro’s shock announcement by stating: “UB40 are shocked and saddened by not only Astro’s decision to quit the band, but also his refusal to honor his touring commitments. We have several tours booked in the coming months, including our biggest U.K. tour for three years, and he has not only let us down but also our fans.
“While we are naturally disappointed that Astro will not be with us at these shows, UB40 will continue and are looking forward to a positive 2014.”