Union Revisits Rape Ordeal After Watching Rihanna’s Man Down

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June 6, 2011 | 9:50pm EST

Rihanna’s controversial new Man Down video has brought back painful memories for actress Gabrielle Union – she tried to shoot the man who raped her.
The movie star was sexually assaulted at gunpoint and beaten by an intruder at the shoe store she worked at before she found fame.

She opened up about her ordeal in 2009 after online comments about a gang rape victim left her feeling disgusted, and now she has waded into the furor surrounding the Umbrella hitmaker’s latest promo.

In the video, Rihanna ‘murders’ her sex attacker, shooting him at a railway station before a series of flashback images show her grappling with him outside a nightclub as he tries to attack her.

Union insists the video hit home with her because she also tried to shoot her rapist, but missed.

She admits she’s glad she didn’t injure her attacker – as it would have “added insult to injury”.

In a post on her Twitter.com page, Union writes, “Saw Man Down by Rihanna. Every victim/survivor of rape is unique, including how they THINK they’d like justice to be handed out. During my rape I tried to shoot my rapist, but I missed.

“Over the years I realized that killing my rapist would’ve added insult to injury. The DESIRE to kill someone who abused/raped you is understandable, but unless it’s self defense in the moment to save your life, (it) just ADDS to your troubles.

“I repeat SELF DEFENSE to save yourself/protect yourself, I’m ALL for. Otherwise victim/survivor taking justice into your own hands with violence equals more trouble for you!!”

Union’s rapist turned himself in to cops and he was sentenced to 33 years behind bars.