Urban: ‘Kidman Should Have Left Me’

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November 30, 2010 | 7:40am EST

Keith Urban has opened up about the moment his marriage to Nicole Kidman almost collapsed – insisting he would have understood if the actress had walked out on him when he was admitted to rehab.
The country superstar has long battled drink and drug addiction and he reached breaking point four months after he married the Moulin Rouge! star in 2006.

Kidman helped stage an intervention and Urban checked into California’s Betty Ford Center in a bid to kick his bad habits for good.

During an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, Urban revealed he thought his addictions would “tear” the couple apart and “destroy” their marriage.

And the singer insists he would have understood if Kidman had left left him, telling the TV host, “Well that’s the point right there where she should have just walked. Not should have, that’s not the right word, but I (would have understood if she had). Of course… I’m just glad she didn’t.”

He also praised Kidman for the way she handled the situation, adding, “It was really a profound moment in so many ways. The way in which Nic handled that moment was just perfect… Everything was just designed, I believe, for that moment to fuse us together.”

Kidman was also interviewed on the show and told Winfrey the tough times made their relationship stronger: “I think marriage is about, every day, trying to make it better and working through things and when things are tough, saying, ‘I’m going to come to you and talk.’ We’re just very tight, and we stay really tight.”

The actress was also reduced to tears during the chat when Winfrey read out Urban’s dedication to her in the sleeve notes of his new album, Get Closer.

When the host read the line, “No one has ever, or will ever, love you as much I do”, the actress began to cry and said, “Stop. Ok. It gets me.”