U.S. Intelligence Chief Revealed Classified Information To Zero Dark Thirty Scriptwriter

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December 11, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Former U.S. intelligence chief Leon Panetta has revealed he accidentally offered up top secret information about the mission to kill terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden to Zero Dark Thirty scriptwriter Mark Boal during a classified meeting.
Panetta explains he was unaware Boal was in attendance and assumed everyone in the room had the proper clearance to be there.
A statement from Panetta reads, “I had no idea that individual was in the audience. To this day, I wouldn’t know him if he walked into the room.”
Requests for the documents were made by members of political watchdog group Judicial Watch, and on Tuesday bosses at America’s Central Intelligence Agency released them.
The information pertains to the name of the ground commander of the unit that carried out the raid.
This isn’t the first controversy surrounding the movie – in 2012, reports suggested officials at the CIA gave classified information to director Katherine Bigelow and Boal after they requested it. However, Boal insisted he never asked for any documents.
The film also made headlines for its heavy depiction of torture on screen. Many U.S. lawmakers were upset by the suggestion enhanced interrogation techniques were used to extract pertinent information from enemy combatants. The government officials insisted the important intelligence which led to Bin Laden’s death was not obtained through torture.
Zero Dark Thirty, which starred Jessica Chastain and Jason Clarke, chronicles the story of the years leading up to the mission which led to the attack on Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound – and the terrorist mastermind’s death in 2011.