Vanessa Hudgens Suffered Panic Attack Filming New Movie

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January 21, 2014 | 3:56am EST

Vanessa Hudgens suffered a severe panic attack while portraying a pregnant teenager in her new film Gimme Shelter.
The 25-year-old actress plays teenage mom-to-be Agnes ‘Apple’ Bailey, who is forced to live on the streets after running away from her abusive mother.
In the film, Hudgens acted out extreme situations, including eating from a trash can and downing a raw egg, but one violent car-stealing scene sent her over the edge.
Hudgens tells website, “The stealing the car was really traumatic for me for some reason because the guy who tells me to get in the car, his name was Jeff, he was kind of my bodyguard, he was looking out for me the whole time.
“And they wanted me to drive the car really close to him and he bangs on it and he yells at me, and it was so much to take all at the same time that I just had a panic attack and I kind of lost it for a second because it was really overwhelming.”
She adds, “And then eating out of the garbage was horrible as well because there was a paparazzi there that day so pictures are out of ‘Vanessa eating out of the trash,’ and I’m like, ‘No, it’s Apple.'”