Vanessa Paradis Refuses To Discuss Johnny Depp Love Split

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August 13, 2012 | 2:16pm EST

Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis refuses to discuss her split from the Hollywood star because she can’t stand the idea of tabloid editors profiting from her heartache.
The couple has remained silent about the break-up since confirming its 14-year relationship was over in June, and French singer/actress Paradis admits she has struggled to deal with the fact her private life is now in the media spotlight.
During a new interview with French Elle magazine to promote her forthcoming film Cornouaille, Paradis stopped the reporter from quizzing her about the reasons behind her separation from Depp, the father of her two kids, stating, “I don’t want to talk about him (Depp). Who said that artists should sell their soul, expose everything about themselves?
“It’s my duty to promote this movie, and my albums, but can you imagine what it feels like to see people making a business out of your pain? What’s happened to us is our concern.”
Paradis went on to lament, “I don’t have the recipe for happiness”, but she insisted she was content with life as a single woman.
She added, “I hate, for example, whenever you hear someone say: ‘You have work at being a couple’. No, you have to want to be there… And for me, I want to be right where I am right now.”