Wahlberg Hires Star Of Cult Film To Direct Him In The Remake

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September 29, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Mark Wahlberg was so impressed with 2008 Icelandic thriller Reykjavik-Rotterdam he bought the rights to the film and hired its star to direct him in a Hollywood remake.
Contraband, which also features Kate Beckinsale and Giovanni Ribisi, will hit theatres at the beginning of 2012 – and for the big budget revamp, actor/producer Baltasar Kormakur will be behind the camera.

Wahlberg says, “We discovered (the film), fell in love with (it), got the rights and hired the guy who was the star of the movie to direct our version of the movie, and he did an amazing job.”

The film, about a financially-strapped security guard who turns to smuggling to make money, was shot partly in New Orleans, Louisiana and Wahlberg admits it was great to return to the city, where he once performed as part of Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch during the Mardi Gras celebrations when he was 20.

He recalls, “I remember going there and performing, but I don’t remember leaving and I don’t remember much after for the next two weeks.

“While I was there shooting… (it was) Mardi Gras… and these bands (were playing) all night long. I couldn’t sleep for three days.”

The actor debuted the trailer for his new film during an appearance on U.S. TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday.