Washington Film Producers Apologize For Gunfire Disturbance

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April 12, 2011 | 2:25pm EST

Producers behind Denzel Washington’s new crime thriller Safe House have been forced to apologize to locals in South Africa after the sound of gunfire from the set sent residents into a panic.
The Oscar winner has been shooting the movie in Langa, an area of Cape Town previously known for its high level of gang violence, and one particular action scene, involving high-speed car chases and gun play, raised alarms in the neighborhood.

Film bosses alerted residents in the immediate vicinity of the set to the planned shoot, but the sound of weapons being fired in the middle of the night carried further than expected and prompted concern among those living in other parts of the town.

The incident caused producers Adam Merims and Genevieve Hofmyer to issue a statement apologising “for any inconvenience or negative effect” caused by the scene.

Safe House, due in theatres in 2012, also stars Ryan Reynolds.