Washington Supports Obama After Disappointing Election Results

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November 3, 2010 | 10:05pm EST

Actor Denzel Washington has come to the defense of President Barack Obama after the leader’s party suffered a string of humiliating defeats in the mid-term elections on Tuesday.
The Oscar-winner was a vocal supporter of Obama during the 2008 election campaign and he has vowed to continue supporting the Democrats frontman, despite the party losing many seats to the Republicans following the vote on Tuesday.

Washington is convinced the voters deserted Obama’s party because of the state of the economy, and he wants to see more jobs created for Americans.

He tells the AFP, “I think that the vote speaks more of people’s frustration about their own economic situation; about the frustration of the voters with all of the politicians in America.

“The number one priority in America and probably in most countries right now is jobs. People feel powerless, so one way to exercise their power is through the vote.”