Waters Considering One Big Final Pink Floyd Hurrah

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September 16, 2010 | 5:20pm EST

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters has revealed the supergroup are edging closer to another one-off reunion for a major charity show, but there will never be a full tour.
The rocker recently teamed up with ex-bandmate David Gilmour for a low-key charity gig in England and now admits he’s considering another get together which will mirror the band’s stunning Live 8 reunion in 2005.

Since then, Floyd stars Syd Barrett and Rick Wright have died – and Waters insists the time is right for another spectacular.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine he’s still fired up about the four-song Live 8 show five years ago, and is keen to repeat it.

He explains, “I’m so thankful that we managed to do that 18 minutes together, that the four of us (Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Nick Mason) got to draw some kind of a line under it.”

And he admits his renewed friendship with former foe Gilmour has really helped: “Things have gotten better since then (Live 8) between David and I.

“We don’t see each other socially – he very much lives in the middle of the countryside in England, and I very much live in Manhattan, so our paths don’t cross, but, when we end up being in England, we’ll probably have dinner… (and) there’s no fussing and fighting going on.

“David and Nick and I might do a one-off (show) somewhere, but there’s no way we’re going to do a tour… (Maybe) like a Live 8 but probably just with us.

“It’s such a shame that we didn’t get around to it before Rick died.”

And Waters’ plans have been echoed by drummer Mason, who insists he’s ready for a reunion that will be Pink Floyd’s swansong: “We played Live 8 which is hopefully a template for something we could do again. It might almost be better if we really kept it as something to be used for good. I think that would be a rather nice way to finish the Pink Floyd existence… just doing a show for the right reasons.”