Wayne Coyne Explains Disturbing Badu Video As Fans Protest

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June 7, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is attempting to patch up his friendship with R&B star Erykah Badu via Twitter.com after upsetting the singer by prematurely releasing the disturbing video accompanying their The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face collaboration.
In the slow-motion promo, the On & On singer writhes around naked in a bathtub while singing the Roberta Flack love song. Close-up shots appear to show her rubbing white paste, a blood-like liquid and glitter over her bare breasts, buttocks and genitals, although it’s unclear whether the footage is of her or her sister Nayrok, who also participated in the bizarre film.
The controversial video was posted on music news website Pitchfork.com last week and has since been removed prior to Coyne’s statement suggesting the band had made a mistake in prematurely going public with the footage.
His remarks were followed by Badu’s own statement, in which she reprimanded Coyne for “disrespecting” and “violating” her, and insisted the video was not what she had been told it would be by the Flaming Lips visionary.
The promo appears to have cost Badu several fans, who took to Twitter.com overnight to attack the singer for agreeing to appear naked in the promo.
Badu did her best to quell the attack in a series of tweets, finally explaining on Thursday, “U (sic) can’t do what ever you want to people and think its okay.
“I adore Wayne and Lips. He operated out of protocol to shock u as a fan at my expense. Sorry u don’t get this, beloved.”
And now Coyne has addressed the ongoing controversy, insisting, “To all the haters who think Erykah Badu has lost her mind!!! She has NOT!!! The Flaming Lips take full responsibility.
“For the making of and the content of the controversial video!!! We are very sorry if it has offended some of Erykah Badu’s (fans).”
He adds, “The video was intended for mature audiences and is NOT an Erykah Badu statement… It is a Flaming Lips video!!!”
Badu retweeted his remarks to her followers and continued the war of words with the rocker in a series of tweets, writing, “Wayne is super creative we have this in common. nudity not the issue. trusted him 2do (sic) tasteful things with our nude footage as he promised… We consented to nudity. That’s beautiful. But the edit dn’t (didn’t) reflect his treatment. He just put it out quickly.
“If this is Wayne’s way, it is wrong. Clearly inappropriate behavior amongst friends/artists with ‘mutual’ respect. He has none… I have spoken 2Wayne several times on phone (sic). He has disregarded what he has done & masks it by misleading his fans into thinking hes (sic) innocent.”
It’s not the first time a Badu video has sparked controversy – she was handed six months probation and fined $500 after she was convicted on a charge of disorderly conduct for stripping in public during the filming of her Window Seat promo in 2010.
The hitmaker performed a full striptease in front of stunned strangers as she walked along Dealey Plaza, a tourist hotspot in Dallas, Texas where former U.S. president John F. Kennedy was assassinated.