Weller In Royalties Battle With Record Producer

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February 29, 2012 | 7:36am EST

Rocker Paul Weller is locked in a bitter legal battle with his former record producer Simon Dine after they fell out over royalty payments.
The pair teamed up to work on three consecutive albums but the former The Jam frontman has now blasted his ex-collaborator for demanding more money from sales of his 2010 record Wake Up the Nation.

The issue is being dealt with by their respective legal teams, but Weller has now spoken out to accuse Dine of being too greedy.

He tells Mojo magazine, “Can it be resolved? No. Not for me, mate… I thought it was a f**king cheek, to be honest. He got really good money but it was evidently not enough. Dine’s very good at what he does, don’t get me wrong, but I think he thought he was the f**king mastermind behind it.”

Dine hits back, “I found that I was offered a producer fee, after completion of the work, which was less than the last album we had done, although the work was identical. I disputed the reduced offer and then we fell out.

“As it happens, the amount I received for production work with Paul was always at the lower end of what a producer would reasonably expect to earn from an artist signed to a major label. I had no problem with this, but wasn’t prepared to work for less.”