WENN Meets The Man Behind Kick Ass

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September 8, 2010 | 1:14pm EST

Fans of comic book sensation Kick Ass are in for a treat – creator Mark Millar is working on FIVE new movies.

The Scottish scripter recently sat down for a chat with WENN.com, where he outlined his plans to create a new generation of superheroes.

Millar is also responsible for the comic book behind Angelina Jolie movie Wanted, but he insists he never intended to be a film maker: “I never really fancied being a screenwriter – I always see comics as the top job that’s the one I wanted. So, what I do I write the comics and if these guys want to come along then great. It’s a nice wee system I’ve got going there. Ive got about five of my comics being turned into films at the moment.”

His current projects include sequels for Kick Ass and Wanted, as well as new superhero capers including Nemesis – a collaboration with Tony Scott – War Heroes and Superior, which will be directed by Matthew Vaughn and feature a kid with multiple sclerosis who develops super powers: “Kinda like Big meets Superman.”

Besides his movie endeavors, Millar is also hoping to breathe life back into the comic book scene, with a new magazine called CLiNT. He explains, “In the fifties you had Eagle for your granddads and in the seventies it was 2000AD. Now there’s nothing, so I just thought now’s the time. The timing is so bang on.”

And he has high hopes for the Kick Ass series: “Kick Ass is providing a really nice entry point for people who enjoyed the movie and we’ve got to create generations of new characters. I feel so strongly about it because I feel that nobody’s readdressing this in this country.

“Dan Dare epitomized the Space Race and The Optimistic Fifties. Judge Dredd was perfect for the nihilism of the punk seventies. Tank Girl for the nineties and so on. There’s nothing for this generation.”