Wentz Battles New Music Law

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May 19, 2010 | 2:13pm EST

Rocker Pete Wentz is urging fans to rally against a proposed new law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which would demand more stringent checks on every live gig scheduled in the city.
Local lawmakers plan to introduce regulations requiring venue owners and promoters to submit applications to police 30 days before every scheduled show.
The checks would ask for proof of alcohol and entertainment licences, security plans, and copies of the contract between the promoter and the venue.
Wentz is concerned if the new legislation gets the go-ahead it could prevent numerous concerts from taking place in Philadelphia altogether.
And the Fall Out Boy star’s taken to his online blog to convince fans to sign a petition against the proposed plans.
He writes, “Philly has always been good to us, let’s be good to Philly. Read about a bill that will jeopardize live music in Philly and consider signing it or pass it on to a friend.”
Wentz then links to PetitionSpot.com detailing the pledge and a petition that fans can add their name to.