Wes Scantlin Arrested Again

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July 25, 2013 | 4:00am EST

Rocker Wes Scantlin is in trouble with the law yet again after reportedly vandalising his neighbour’s property with a buzz saw.
The Puddle of Mudd frontman was arrested for felony vandalism on Wednesday after allegedly taking his feud with a neighbour to dangerous new heights.
Scantlin has struggled with legal issues in recent years – in May he was arrested on allegations of domestic violence following an altercation with his ex-wife in Los Angeles, just weeks after he was pulled over for speeding in Hollywood, when police officers discovered two warrants out for his arrest in connection to a traffic violation and a cocaine bust.
The She Hates Me singer was arrested for cocaine possession in January, 2012. He was arrested again in September at an airport in Austin, Texas, after allegedly becoming combative with a flight attendant. That case was eventually dropped.