West Lashes Out At Press During Festival Slot

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August 11, 2011 | 4:10am EST

Outspoken rapper Kanye West used his set at a Norway music festival to launch another onstage rant accusing the media of constantly trying to “demonise” him.
The rap superstar stalled his performance at Oya Festival in Oslo on Wednesday to lash out at the press.

He told the audience, “It feels so good to come by here and rock y’all tonight. We come to make sure you all have a good time ‘cos so many bad things have happened. I’m so thankful to have my voice back and I want to thank everyone. (New album) Watch The Throne is number one in 23 countries with no press or promotion.

“You know how I feel about the press. I hate the press. They try to take my s**t out of context. They try to demonise me, but it don’t matter because my fans are always here.”

West also caused a stir at The Big Chill event in England last weekend after he was late for his set, complained about losing his voice and ranted about the music industry’s perception of him.