Weston Cage Back In Police Custody

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July 20, 2011 | 9:00pm EST

Nicolas Cage’s troubled son Weston is back in police custody following a domestic violence arrest on Wednesday.
Police booked the rocker at 5am after receiving a report of a domestic incident. He was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for cuts before he was taken into custody.

As WENN went to press, Cage was still in custody.

His three-month marriage to Nikki Williams appeared to be over at the beginning of July when he suggested he was ready to split from his wife in a Facebook.com rant.

The Eyes of Noctum star and his wife were booked on felony domestic violence charges over the Independence Day weekend after complaints of a disturbance at their Los Angeles home.

Songwriter Williams reportedly attacked her husband and cut his arm with a bottle. Cage is alleged to have responded with force, prompting their arrest.

Cage, who posted bail hours after he was taken into custody, opened up about his tumultuous relationship in a lengthy Facebook post, in which he hinted Williams’ “rage” was the root of their problems.

He wrote, “This message goes to Family, Friends and Nikki’s loved ones especially… i also made this for Nikki to read when I bail her out of the s**t hole we got ourselves into. I PROMISE THAT I SHALL NOT REST UNTIL SHE IS OUT. I would even lie and say that i am a murderous wretch to get her out. i would do time in her honor even though i tried to save her life from her rage. I love you all and i love you Nikki.

“I don’t know if being your husband is in the stars anymore for me. I have to think about it and really focus. I don’t contain the ability that certain men do, the ability to abuse elders, women and children. I have three witnesses and video recording of me being calm.”

Since that incident Williams has opened up about the drama, revealing she and Cage were undergoing counselling to save their marriage.

Weston’s mother-in-law tells TMZ.com that Williams is “safe and away from him”.