Whitney Cummings Suffered Meltdown Over TV Show

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July 18, 2013 | 11:11am EST

Comedienne Whitney Cummings suffered a meltdown while working on her now-defunct TV sitcom after a wave of negative criticism left her grappling with self-esteem issues.
The stand-up struggled to deal with the pressure of starring in her own show Whitney, which she created and co-wrote for two seasons before it was axed in May, and she admits she should have undergone therapy to deal with her issues.
She tells radio host Howard Stern, “I think that my self-esteem took a big hit doing a television show. Starring in a TV show, you really begin to hone in on your flaws and begin to see them where they don’t exist…
“I wish I had known that therapy is very important when doing a show and (it’s important to) look at the monitor. I kinda had a ‘manic break’. I am basically a filthy comic from the club and then I went to being judged like an actress or model would be. That was really hard.”
Breaking down in tears, Cummings also told the shock jock she was devastated when her fellow comedians turned nasty after she landed her own TV series: “I’m gonna get emotional. It was crazy because there was such a negative backlash that felt really personal. I think that as someone who didn’t really have a family unit growing up, comics were like my family. As soon as I got the show, I felt like everyone was against me.”