Wilde Received Death Threats After Epps Love Scene

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September 22, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

TV bosses were forced to beef up security on the set of hit U.S. TV show House after Olivia Wilde’s love scene with black actor Omar Epps prompted death threats.
Wilde, who played seductive Dr. Remy Hadley in the popular medical drama, was required to lock lips with co-star Epps for an episode in 2009, but after the program aired, she received a startling backlash from viewers who were enraged by the interracial kiss.

Opening up to America’s Cosmopolitan magazine, she says, “We got a lot of hate mail for that. There are racist people out there. We got hate mail that said that someone wanted to cut off my lips and kill me. We had extra security on set for a while.”