Wilde Was ‘too Sexy’ For Lovelace Role

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March 2, 2012 | 11:11am EST

Hollywood beauty Olivia Wilde pulled out of the biopic of porn icon Linda Lovelace because she’s too sexy for the role.
Amanda Seyfried plays the adult movie star in the upcoming film, titled simply Lovelace, opposite Peter Sarsgaard and Sarah Jessica Parker.

House actress Wilde was originally in the running for the title role but she pulled out, insisting her established status as a screen sex symbol was at odds with the real Lovelace’s innocence.

Wilde tells British GQ magazine, “I pulled out of the Linda Lovelace biopic. I decided that it should go to someone who is not already sexualised by the public – Linda Lovelace was an innocent. Amanda will do an amazing job. I would like to play roles that are in no way sexualised.”