Will.i.am Confesses Car ‘break-in’ Was His Own Fault

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July 5, 2010 | 5:40pm EST

Rapper will.i.am only has himself to blame for his personal belongings going missing from his car recently – because he “accidentally” left the vehicle unlocked.

The Black Eyed Peas star was left fuming when he discovered his luxury Bentley had been broken into outside his Los Angeles home, with thieves snatching an estimated $10,000 -worth of goods, including jewellery and the hitmaker’s brand new Apple iPad.

But will.i.am confesses the reports are not entirely accurate – the thieves didn’t need to use force to gain access to the top-of-the-range car because it was already open.

In a blog post on DipDive.com, the rapper writes, “Everyone is talking about my car getting broken into… actually…i accidentally left it open…unfortunately someone walked by it and took everything out of it… in my car was my… bag…and in that bag was my drivers license, black american express card, visa card, 10 thousand dollars worth of items, and my ipad…”

The star was able to assist police to track down the criminals using an application on the iPad, which led to the recovery of his goods.

He adds, “I remember i turned on (the) “find my ipad function” to make a long story short – … I located it and the dumb a** criminals and sent 6 cops to their house…recovered all my stuff…”

And he’s still in disbelief at how lucky he was. He writes, “wow …the lesson here is never steal technology…”