William Moseley Struck By Lightning

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July 17, 2012 | 5:56pm EST

Chronicles Of Narnia star William Moseley is recovering after he was recently struck by lightning on a movie set.
The actor was filming new romantic drama The Silent Mountain in Italy when a violent thunderstorm rolled in, prompting the cast and crew to run for cover.
However, in a rare twist offate, a lightning bolt struck their building, shocking the 25 year old and nine others inside.
Moseley is now on the rebound and he alerted fans of his improving condition with a post on Twitter.com on Tuesday.
He writes, “Hi everyone, yeah I am fine. I was struck by lightning on the arm and am doing fine now. It was very traumatic. We (were) just starting to film. It came through the roof and struck nine other crew members. I feel very lucky to be alive.
“I’ve learned a lot from this experience. We have two weeks left of filming and I know it will be a great and productive time. The crew have been wonderful. I am looking forward to all of you seeing the film. I believe it will be very special. Thank you for all of you kind words.”