William Shatner Nervous About East Coast Comedy Shows

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November 6, 2012 | 7:26am EST

William Shatner feels “awkward” about taking his one-man stand-up show to the East Coast this week just days after the region was devastated by superstorm Sandy.
The Star Trek actor is due to perform his Shatner’s World production in Stamford, Connecticut on Thursday, as well as a series of shows in New Jersey – two areas which were badly hit by the heavy rain and wind.
Thousands of homes were still without power on Monday, a week after Sandy first hit the region, and Shatner hopes his comedy turn won’t be out of place amid the hardship facing local residents.
He tells Reuters, “I’m going to be in Connecticut and New Jersey this week. I’m playing about four different places that are just opening up now. My heart goes out to the nightmare that these people are in.
“I feel a little awkward in talking about providing a laugh or two, but on the other hand some people may need that, and that’s what I’ll be doing… I will be with my heart on my sleeve trying to entertain people who have had a great deal of hardship in the last week… Hopefully by the time I get there, there will be power. And hopefully by that time, they’ll be of a mind to be able to want to be entertained.”