Wilson Undergoes Weightloss Surgery

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March 21, 2012 | 6:56pm EST

Heavyweight singer Carnie Wilson has gone under the knife in a desperate bid to lose weight for the second time in 12 years.
The Wilson Phillips star, who once weighed 300 pounds, underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and shed half her body weight. But she piled on the pounds again while pregnant with daughters Lola and Luciana, now aged six and two, and took to TV in 2010 to combat her obesity problem as the star of reality show Carnie Wilson: Unstapled.

She failed to shift the extra weight, however, and now Wilson has opted for more weightloss treatment – she had lap-band surgery to reduce the size of her stomach on 18 January.

The singer, 43, has since managed to lose 30 pounds and she’s delighted with the results.

She tells People.com, “It was the right decision for me and I’m doing really well so far. It’s all about taking good care of myself.”

Wilson will show off her slimmed-down new look in the coming weeks as she reunites with her bandmates to promote their new album and reality show Wilson Philips: Still Holding On. The program debuts on America’s TV Guide Network on 8 April.