Winslet Convinced Wood To Go Nude For TV

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September 5, 2010 | 8:55pm EST

Evan Rachel Wood’s lusty fans have Kate Winslet to thank for convincing the young star to strip off for her new TV role – because the Titanic beauty insisted she’d regret it if she didn’t bare all on camera.

Wood, 22, appears alongside the Oscar winner in new series Mildred Pierce and one scene called for her to go nude for the period drama.

The Wrestler star admits she had second thoughts about getting naked so early on in her budding Hollywood career – but it only took a few reassuring words from Winslet, who famously disrobed for Titanic, to convince Wood to shed her clothes.

She tells Britain’s Elle magazine, “I was quite nervous about it and Kate looked at me and said ‘Listen to me, alright. I’ve done everything, alright. And one day you’re going to look back on this and you’re going to be so happy you’ve done it. And it’ll be great, just do it. OK?’

“I couldn’t really say no.”