Young Buck Caught Up In Argument Before Shooting

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March 6, 2012 | 8:46pm EST

Rapper Young Buck had been involved in a heated argument in a Tennessee nightclub just moments before he was targeted in a drive-by shooting, according to reports.
The former G-Unit bandmember, real name David Brown, was driving with two passengers in Nashville in the early hours of Sunday when an unidentified gunman passed by in a while Chevrolet and opened fire on Buck’s SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), hitting it 11 times.

His girlfriend Kenyetta Rainey sustained a minor injury to her shoulder and she was briefly hospitalised for treatment.

Now it’s been revealed that Buck and Rainey had been caught up in an altercation with another group of clubbers at the La Bamba venue shortly before the incident, according to

The rapper and another passenger escaped unharmed.

Police have launched an investigation into the shooting, although they have yet to name any suspects.