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Jennifer Lawrence attends the 71st Annual Golden Globes

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Julia Roberts attends the 71st Annual Golden Globes

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Taylor Swift attends the 71st Annual Golden Globes

"; galleryImages[4]=""; celebNamesArray[4]="Michael J. Fox"; locationsArray[4]=""; captionsArray[4]="

Michael J. Fox attends the 71st Annual Golden Globes

"; galleryImages[5]=""; celebNamesArray[5]="Helen Mirren"; locationsArray[5]=""; captionsArray[5]="

Helen Mirren attends the 71st Annual Golden Globes

"; galleryImages[6]=""; celebNamesArray[6]="Jared Leto"; locationsArray[6]=""; captionsArray[6]="

Jared Leto attends NBC Universal’s Golden Globe party

"; galleryImages[7]=""; celebNamesArray[7]="Hayden Panettiere"; locationsArray[7]=""; captionsArray[7]="

Hayden Panettiere attends NBC Universal’s Golden Globe party

"; galleryImages[8]=""; celebNamesArray[8]="Olivia Wilde"; locationsArray[8]=""; captionsArray[8]="

Olivia Wilde attends the 15th Annual Warner Bros and InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party

"; galleryImages[9]=""; celebNamesArray[9]="Mark Ruffalo"; locationsArray[9]=""; captionsArray[9]="

Mark Ruffalo attends the 15th Annual Warner Bros and InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party

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