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Taylor Swift heads to lunch in Santa Monica

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Jessica Alba and daughters Honor and Haven have a picnic at the park

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Liev Schreiber out on a bike ride with his sons Alexander and Sasha in Brentwood

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Will Ferrell watches the LA Lakers with his son

"; galleryImages[5]=""; celebNamesArray[5]="Rupert Grint"; locationsArray[5]=""; captionsArray[5]="

Rupert Grint attends the Whatsonstage Theatregoers Choice Awards

"; galleryImages[6]=""; celebNamesArray[6]="William Shatner"; locationsArray[6]=""; captionsArray[6]="

William Shatner gives a talk during day three of the Destination Star Trek Convention in Frankfurt

"; galleryImages[7]=""; celebNamesArray[7]="Jake Bugg"; locationsArray[7]=""; captionsArray[7]="

Jake Bugg performs live at the Manchester Ritz

"; galleryImages[8]=""; celebNamesArray[8]="Michael Emerson"; locationsArray[8]=""; captionsArray[8]="

Michael Emerson out in Soho in New York

"; galleryImages[9]=""; celebNamesArray[9]="Tinie Tempah;Reggie Lenny;David Haye"; locationsArray[9]=""; captionsArray[9]="

David Haye opens his Hayemaker gym

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