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Michael Madsen attends the Rome photo call of ‘Hope Lost’

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Kendall Jenner shops in Beverly Hills

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Kim Kardashian shops in Beverly Hills

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Scarlett Johansson arrives at Los Angeles International (LAX) airport

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Kiefer Sutherland steps outside Little House Mayfair restaurant to have a cigarette after having dinner with friends

"; galleryImages[6]=""; celebNamesArray[6]="Sharon Osbourne"; locationsArray[6]=""; captionsArray[6]="

Sharon Osbourne attends ‘An Evening With Women’ Kick Off Concert

"; galleryImages[7]=""; celebNamesArray[7]="Chris Evans"; locationsArray[7]=""; captionsArray[7]="

Chris Evans arrives at Los Angeles International (LAX) airport

"; galleryImages[8]=""; celebNamesArray[8]="Alyson Hannigan"; locationsArray[8]=""; captionsArray[8]="

Alyson Hannigan attends PaleyFEST’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ screening

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Paris Hilton visits Urban Outfitters clothes store

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